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Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

New year’s resolution: avoiding hospital stays. Preferably try to stay healthy and happy as much as I can. Because looking back at the previous year gave me all the hospital moments.

Being admitted to the hospital for pneumonia gave me heartache. Every single hospitalization is a nightmare for me.

I am so relieved that I managed to avoid having pneumonia in 2021. Pneumonia is one of the potentially life-threatening lung infections that is normally associated with SMA.

The past few weeks have been chaotic. There were a lot of things going on and I was caught up with life. I have to scrape whatever that was left to recover, rejuvenate, and try to cope with everything.

Coping with a new normal

I took a break from my hospital appointment for quite a long time. But now I am ready to get back into the old routine in a new way. Double mask, keep on sanitizing, and keep physical distance from people. Two years have passed, and this is the new normal.

2021 was nothing I wanted and everything I needed. Adjusting with the new norm of living in COVID 19. It changed my life completely.

From being able to go everywhere without much worrying to staying at home, started online physiotherapy, online workshops, webinars, and conferences.

It's okay to struggle

A lot of reflection took place in-between days, and sometimes I felt tired and felt like life chewed me up and spit me out. But I always remind myself it cannot take the energy and strength I have worked hard building over the years.

If you’re struggling too, just know it is okay to feel down. It is okay to reach out to those around for help or even ask for a shoulder to cry and lean on.

Life will always have ups and downs. Sometimes you just have to dust yourself off, laugh a little, pull yourself back up, and move forward.

2021 highlights

As I look into the year ahead, I am reminded that I have gone through a mill to endure whatever lies ahead. While there are a lot of dull and gloomy things in 2021, there were also good things that happened.

The key highlights are having the first online webinar for spinal muscular atrophy. I never participated in any online webinar, indeed that was a good experience. It is eye-opening for everyone.

Looking ahead to a new year

I am going to walk into 2022 with my head up and always focus on improving myself from various aspects. I will continue the never-ending journey of living with SMA. Fighting spirit in my DNA.

I am hoping that 2022 will be a year for a better year ahead. No hospitalization, no pneumonia, and may everything turn out well. I pray 2022 will be a much better year for all of us.

May all of us be constantly blessed with health, success, and happiness. To everyone here’s a cheer for the New Year!

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022


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