New Year, New Care

When the New Year rolls around, everyone reflects on the previous year and sets goals for the new one. For those of us with a disability, and more specifically SMA, the New Year is a good time to reassess what is working for you and what’s not, in terms of the care you are receiving.

It’s a great time to sit and write out what areas you’d like to see changed, improved, or adjusted. For instance, personal goals for the year are a great place to start.

If you are wanting to seek better treatment, then you should have it be a priority to seek improved treatment. If you want to physically feel better, start creating a self-care routine that includes things like vitamin regimens, tracking water intake, and what you eat.

If you are overwhelmed and you feel like you need assistance in your home, create a new plan for your caregivers. If you are struggling with anxiety about the future, consult with a therapist or counselor to process your emotions. Overall, create a new plan for what you want to allocate your time to.

Focusing on a self-care routine

How we care for our bodies physically is really important. When I don't keep up on my vitamins, I feel run down. I get sick more easily, and when I don't hydrate as much I feel depleted.

Making these things a focus in the forefront of my mind with intention is incredibly important. A tip for me - I had to break my vitamins out each day.

I felt like an old person but it really helped me stay on top of it. I convoluted with my doctor to see what vitamins my body was deficient in, knowing what my diet was, and seeing what areas I could supplement them in

Needing assistance in your home

I’m a firm believer that the atmosphere of your home plays a huge role in your mental state. We rely on a lot of caregiving from others, and home care from others (having a disability).

But reviewing and reflecting helps manage it well, and ensures all the needs in the home are being met. Annually, I give my caregivers an updated schedule and routine.

I like to take a look at areas that maybe feel overwhelming and then discuss with them how we can shift things.

Mental health check

As we enter the New Year, I like to do a mental health check and see where I’m at.

Whether that’s making sure I get outdoors more or spend time with friends, or actually getting clinical help from a therapist, I think all of these things are worthwhile to evaluate and set aside time for.

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