Running a Successful Business From Your Phone

Have you ever wondered, “Am I capable of being a business owner?” Living with SMA, we run into the constant challenges of, “Can I get into the building? Is my desk at the right height? Will I be able to reach the printer?”

These may seem like simple things to the average person, but when you’re constantly trying to get accommodated in a non-accommodating world, it can feel discouraging.

For me, the mere thought of all of these things became very overwhelming when I considered entering the workforce.

Fight for accommodations in the workforce

Now, if you’ve always had the desire to work for a big corporation, or in an office setting with co-workers, or a hospital, or anywhere in the workforce, DO IT.

It’s very much needed. Fight for the accommodations you need to be successful in the workplace.

Starting your own business

But if you have had the dream to work from home, be your own boss, make money the way you’ve wanted to, then know that that’s possible too!

I never woke up one day and thought, “I’m going to start my own business.” But over time, as I worked in different offices and locations that tried to be as accommodating as possible, I knew that the only way to reach the next level of success was to do it my way--most likely in my own home.

Can I run a business from my phone?

I’m able to use a computer, but oftentimes I find I can work faster and more productively when using my phone. But could I run a business from my phone?

I wanted to find out!

Yes, there were some aspects of my business that I sourced out. But again, all emails and decisions were made from my phone.

When I wrote my first children’s book and launched my brand, I did it all from my phone!

Using social media, email marketing, and connections

I started my own business in February 2020, right before a worldwide pandemic. I never knew that everything was going to pause and inevitably change.

The last thing I envisioned was that I would be running a full-fledged business strictly through social media, email marketing, and connections. But I found that it’s totally possible.

I discovered that thousands and thousands of apps on our phones can make running a business simple and smooth. My top favorites are social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Apps I use to run my business on my phone

I view social media as modern-day billboards! It’s a great way to promote your business and build real connections with your customers.

I use apps such as Lightroom, Over, and Preview when creating my social media posts.

I run my shop strictly through my phone on Shopify! My shop includes fulfilling orders, creating email marketing newsletters, inventory, and business blog updates.

I run my marketing list and email campaigns all through my phone or computer. I use apps such as Canva to create pretty graphics and templates all from my phone.

It's possible to be a business owner with SMAMy favorite part about being a business owner is connecting with people, making my own schedule, and financial freedoms! If you were wondering whether it was possible, I’m here to tell you, it absolutely is. There are creative ways to take your giftings and make them profitable. Take what you’re passionate about, turn it into a product, connect with people and make a difference.

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