Lewis Beatty

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Community Advocate Lewis BeattyLewis was previously a patient leader on SpinalMuscularAtrophy.net.

Greetings SMA community! My name is Lewis, a weak type II with SMA. I live in New Jersey in the US. Yes, it is New JERSEY, and not New Joisey. So no jokes about the state, because I have heard them all.

I am currently 46. I hold down a job as an executive in a small community bank. I am able to afford my own house and in-home care, with a team of three caregivers and looking for a fourth, working different shifts. I went to college in North Carolina at a school that had a dormitory to provide care for the disabled.

After graduation, I pursued an MBA at another university in North Carolina, managing my care for the first time on my own. My interests range from professional sports to Dave Matthews Band music and general science-type information.

My current medical situation is that I have a feeding tube to receive all my nutrition, a trach, and a manual wheelchair which I cannot control. I am currently able to breathe on my own. I look forward to our discussions. Shoot me a question when you get a chance. I am fairly open and will answer just about anything.

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