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My Good Days: A Resource for Financial Help

I’ve talked about the “disability tax” in previous articles. You’ll hear people who have a physical disability use this term. It basically refers to the extra expenses that are incurred due to a physical disability. Some of these expenses can be more obvious than others. I don’t think the average person ever realizes these “taxes.”

Resource for financial help

Luckily there are some great resources out there for people who are dealing with a disability. I always say that I wish there was an easy database where we could easily search for these resources. For the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to share my story with other people who are disabled. These events ended up being a great opportunity for me to learn. I have met many people who have discovered these resources.

My Good Days is a great resource for people dealing with spinal muscular atrophy. This nonprofit provides financial assistance to 29 diseases. Spinal muscular atrophy is one of the diseases that they cover.

What non-profit organization has helped you?

Criteria to apply

There are criteria that you will need to meet. You can check the website to see if spinal muscular atrophy is open for enrollment. This changes throughout the year depending on how much funding they are able to secure. So if you check and it says “Not currently open for new enrollments” don’t fret.

I waited a few months before I saw that they were currently accepting new enrollments.  The enrollment process was very straightforward. There were only a few pages to fill out. For anyone who has applied for a government program this enrollment process will be a breeze. They really make it easy. Once I applied I was notified within a week of my acceptance.

Helpful customer service

Their customer service support team is extremely helpful. They will periodically check in with you. When you call you always speak to a live person. Their website is very user friendly. You can submit your reimbursement requests directly online. They recently added electronic payments. Once you submit a reimbursement request they will send you a Zelle within a week.

Right after I was enrolled I asked one of the representatives how this nonprofit started. They explained that the individual who launched the nonprofit had a rare disease and saw the extra expenses that they incurred due to their diagnosis. This inspired them to take action and they wanted to help others.

A resource that I've used

I always say that the people who I have met because of my spinal muscular atrophy diagnosis have been some really incredible individuals. Obviously no one wants to be part of this community, if we had our wish we wouldn’t be dealing with SMA. However I consider myself lucky to have met some amazing people because of being in this community. That is something that I am grateful for.

I hope you are able to benefit from My Good Days. Like I said, please don’t be discouraged if you sign in and it says, “Not currently open for new enrollments.” Keep checking! 

What are some other programs that you have found that provide assistance in your life?  Networking and sharing information and resources are important when dealing with SMA.

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