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SMA and Snow Days 

I don’t think I am alone when I say that winter is just not our favorite season. I tend to run cold (which I know a lot of other people with SMA do as well). Trying to warm up after I’ve been cold all day is a hard task.

Tips for adapting to weather changes

Let me preface by saying I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona for the last 20 years, but I moved to Nashville, Tennessee about four years ago. Nashville is not notoriously known for being extremely cold and snowy, however it is known for having every season under the sun within one day. I have had to learn how to adapt to the cold weather and I wanted to share some tips with you!

Keeping warm, not getting warm

My first piece of advice in trying to keep warm this winter is to start your morning by keeping warm, not getting warm. After I’ve been in bed all night I’m typically nice and toasty. The very first step I take when waking up in the morning after getting in my wheelchair, it’s putting my warm winter UGGs on. I find that it’s a lot easier to maintain the heat in my feet if I start my morning off keeping my feet warm.

Use a portable heater

Advice number two. Have a portable heater handy. I found my favorite portable heater at target, not only is it small and compact, extremely warm, but it’s also very cute. This portable heater goes everywhere from under my desk to under the dining room table or even next to me beside the couch while watching a movie. I find that having the warm air blowing on me no matter what the house temperature is really keeps me warm thoroughly.

Keep your chest and fingers warm

Advice 3. If you must leave the house I would highly recommend keeping your chest and fingers as covered and warm as possible. I have found that if I can wear a good scarf or something thick around my neck such as a blanket, my overall temperature will stay pretty warm. Yes! Even if it’s snowing.

I know that driving with gloves on your hands is not always practical so I have found that a large covering such as a blanket has been my best friend. We actually just came home from a weekend trip in a very cold city and I had a cute warm fuzzy blanket with me at all times. I simply draped it around my back and wrapped it around over my hand and joystick keeping me warm but functional. When my fingers and hands get cold it gets very difficult for me to drive my chair so that is one thing I try to prioritize in keeping warm.

Drink something warm

Another piece of advice which I know is not strictly for the SMA community but consume warm beverages. A nice hot cup of cocoa or a nice hot coffee not only keeps your hands warm but also warms your internal body. Being in the snow is not always terrible as long as you are dressed well. A wise woman once told me there’s no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing.

Don’t be scared of a snow day just be prepared!

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