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Vacations & Travel with SMA

A community member recently asked to learn more about how to air travel with SMA.

Have you done lots of traveling before as someone with SMA? Does a loved one have SMA and you help them navigate traveling?

Share any advice and tips below.

  1. Yes I have travel a lot with SMA.

    One of the tips can be shared is do a quick survey on the places you are going. As for me I will use the normal wheelchair instead of the motorized wheelchair as it is easier for my parents/caregiver to assist me. We usually check out the places & make some arrangement if needed.

    Example - in airplane I will request for a seat nearer toilet. Easy access in case anything happen

    - Ainaa, team member of

    1. I rely 100% on my power chair, so flying has been trying. I’ve flown like six times and I hate that they treat our chairs like baggage. I've had my chair broken 3 times. Thank goodness they all happened on the flight home. My best tip, take all removable parts off, and place them in a carryon or tape them to the chair.

      1. I know you're definitely not alone with the broken chairs - so many of our community members have experience this and it's incredibly frustrating. Thank you for sharing this tip with everyone. I'm sure it'll be useful to someone for their future travels! Best, Abby (Team Member).

    2. You can ask for photos of the hotel room and bathroom when traveling. Did this for our trip to Cancun. It helped a lot and eased any worries I had about layout and space.

      1. It's wonderful to hear that you love the idea of receiving pictures. However, it is unfortunate that some staff members seem unwilling to assist. It's great that your experience has been different, and I'm glad to hear that you're doing well.

      2. Hi so glad to hear you have been doing great! I hope you continue to do well. Hugs, Jessica, Team Member

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