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Best Date Ideas for Interabled Couples

I’m a firm believer that dating your spouse is equally as important when you’re 5 or 10 years into marriage than it was when we were in those first months of dating.

I’ve seen some really fun date night adventure planners lately, you know the ones that have preplanned date ideas and come with a camera! Yeah well as much as I wanted to purchase one I had some major hesitation.

I had a feeling the creators (no offense) did not have the disability or SMA community in mind when they suggested “taking a long hike” or “dancing in a waterfall” unless you can recommend a paved trail and waterproof wheelchair I don’t think those will spark anything positive in our relationship.

Accessible date ideas

But! I didn’t want to discount having fun and dating your significant other, so we have put together our top ideas for dating as an interabled couple

I understand that all people have different abilities and these may not work for all, but don’t be afraid to use these top 4 date night ideas as a springboard to spice up your date nights.

Tastes of the town

My husband and I really love food so most of the time our date nights revolve around food. One of our favorite things to do is try new restaurants. A fun way to do so is plan to visit 3-5 in one night!!

  • Set up the reservations but only order a little bit of food at each one. It’s like bar hopping but with food. And of course end with dessert!
  • We like to take into consideration the location, the atmosphere, and obviously the food choice.
  • I don’t prefer being in a busy downtown spot with a ton of people and terrible parking options.
  • I also hate when the bars or restaurants are extremely tiny and we have to rearrange the whole restaurant in order for me to get my wheelchair in there.
  • And lastly the food; it’s important for me to know there’s food there that I personally can eat without much trouble.

Words of affirmation

We have found in our marriage that intentionally speaking words of affirmation to each other really fills our love tank. Find a park or coffee shop and take turns going back and forth sharing what you love about each other. Write them down ahead of time or just wing it. Watch your partner light up when you share your sincere love.

Movie night in

Make some popcorn, grab some snacks, get comfy on the couch or even bring the mattress into the living room! Snuggle up and enjoy the movie together.

Get crafty

My husband and I decided one day to buy a canvas notebook. We sat at a Barnes and Noble, with some paint and brushes and painted each other a picture. Neither of us are artists by any means but we had fun together. We kept all pictures in the notebook so there was zero pressure to frame or do anything with the images. Just being together was fun.

We still love having date nights just like non-interabled couples. We go on walks, go to the movies, to concerts, and even to events that I can’t physically do such as arcades or bowling or pool halls. Sometimes it’s just about spending that quality time together.

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