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Dating with SMA

What has your experience been like while dating with SMA? Do you tend to date others with SMA or have you been in an inter-abled relationship before? What are some activities you like to do on dates other than going to restaurants? We want to hear from you!

  1. Movies, walking around trails - most national parks have accessible trails, We’re big on nature so fishing too and I have yet to catch something. Museums, cars have museums who knew? Around here we have a 17th century English Village with people dressed in period clothes reenacting the first English settlers in America, I have yet to come across any reenactment places that isn't accessible. Comicons are also loads of fun. Also bowling is a fun date.

    1. Awesome tips! Thank you so much for sharing with our community. I hope you catch a fish soon! 😀 Best, Abby - Team Member

    2. these all sound like such lovely date ideas! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m going to do some of these all by myself 😀 -Jennifer Health Leader

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