Friends That Travel Together, Stay Together

People say travel friendships can last a lifetime. With traveling, it shows how solid your friendships are because you will know how they are through day and out.

Just like the saying goes, “Friends that travel together, stay together”

I had a chance for a vacation with my best friend, Najwa. For the first time, my parents let me be independent. Growing up with spinal muscular atrophy always made them overprotective towards me. After some negotiation, they finally allowed it. To be honest, it wasn’t easy to convince them.

Things I did before traveling

Briefly explain to my best friend

I told Najwa everything about my condition. We have been friends since high school, but this is the first time we are going on a vacation. I know she’s aware of my condition, but just making sure of a few things.

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One of the thing I told Najwa was to get ready to sleep with the hospital vibes. I slept with a BiPAP that gave a “beep beep” sound. I remember Najwa said, “This feels like a hospital just with a cozy environment”.

Thank god she was able to sleep that night.

Know your needs

I have to bring all my essentials for the vacation. BiPAP, flying turtle as my assistive device, essential oils as prevention of backache and headaches, medicine you named it. The cars are full of my things.

I’m glad Najwa was okay with all the things needed. I knew it was a lot of stuff to carry on, but everything is needed. I cannot move around the hotel room without my flying turtle. I cannot sleep without my BiPAP. These are the list of the things needed.

Pay the price

We checked a few hotels. Finding an accessible hotel was quite tough. Not all the hotels provided accessible rooms. If it does, it comes with a limited number of rooms.

One hotel caught our eye. It was a beautiful hotel with a nice ambience. Still in the city but you’re feeling far away from the busiest. We booked a disabled room. To my surprise, it comes with a price. We have to pay an extra 500 bucks just for the room. Oh well, I didn’t want to complain much on that day because what I knew was I just wanna enjoy the vacation. It’s not easy for my parents to allow this. So yeah I am willing to pay for it.

The best memories ever

I had the best moment that can never be exchanged with money. It was one of the best memories created with my bestie. Traveling teaches us patience and compromise. One thing is for sure, communication is the key if you want to have enjoyable traveling. If you find someone who can handle your attitude and nonsenseness, keep them close.

For me, I am grateful I found my perfect travel partner. From laughing, crying and sharing stories till morning, those are the moments that we will share forever. Looking forward to more adventures ahead.

Till next time bestie!


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