Top Things To Do in NYC That Are Accessible

My mom and I love to travel, and as we live close to the city, New York City, I wanted to share some of my favorite things to do and some tips for traveling to the Big Apple!

Getting into the city

First of all, my local train station and trains are super accessible. Tickets are discounted for those who are disabled, like with my spinal muscular atrophy, and their caregivers too, I believe. We land at NYC's Penn Station when going by train.

Recently I have preferred driving because it's simpler to get to where we need to go and it's guaranteed to be somewhat less expensive and accessible. So, if you prefer driving too, I suggest you definitely check out parking options in advance, if possible.

Places to visit

Now then, let's discuss my favorite, accessible place to visit!

Broadway! In January, my best friend and I saw Beetlejuice on its last week on Broadway! I had never been to Broadway before and it was so much fun! The theatre didn't do anything special for the last week, but it was so much fun just to be there!

Mom and I got dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe before meeting up with my bestie and it was nice and calming. Finding the theatre was confusing but we did, and of course, we did some small shopping beforehand as well!

Conquering my fears to enjoy more

I love Times Square, so we went to the Line Friends store, Forever 21, and the Disney store! I loved being able to challenge my anxiety about the things you hear about the city and just let myself fully be able to be present. This has encouraged me to challenge myself more this year and conquer more fears. I just wanted to share this, as an aside, because it felt really nice to do and it really helped me to enjoy everything more.

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Accessible accomodations

We stayed at the same hotel we were put in for the Cure SMA Fashion Show last September, as it's right in the heart of Times Square, the InterContinental Times Square. The hotel lists its accessibility features on its amenities webpage. (The theatre was also right by Times Square and the theatre district, so it was perfect!)

Places to eat

Cafes! I love the food by where we live, but I love the NYC cafes even more! They have lots of different themed ones and just different food and drinks that are fun to try! Two that I'm looking into for my next trip are a matcha-themed one and a Barbie one that, I believe ,just opened. I recommend looking up accessibility and parking options (if needed) as New York can definitely be hit or miss with this!

Things to do

Finally, do online research to see there are any events that you would be interested in! There's always something going on and sometimes events are free!

If you are going to the city, I hope that you are safe. It can be scary out there, but also magical. I love the city for all the events that they have and all the unique stores as well! Please comment any other accessible places you recommend to help myself and the community find fun things to do!

Love you all so much, hope that this guide helps!

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