Your Story Matters

All of us have a unique story to share with the world.

And whether it’s by writing a book, starting a blog, sharing on social media, or starting a connection group... there are facets by which we can share what we’ve experienced. Things which only we can relay.

We all have a different story to share

You may be reading this and thinking everyone on here has SMA. Maybe most do. But, each one of us has a different angle.

For me, I struggled with trying to find how I would voice what I wanted to share with the world, until one day, I decided to do so through a children’s book.

I can honestly say I never once came across a book that represented a unique family like ours.

Using my voice to fill a gap

We are a family with a mom in a wheelchair, an older sibling with a disability, different skin colors, and varying communication styles.

I wanted my family to know we all play an important part in this world.

I saw a gap in children’s books. So I decided to take my story, my gifts, and help fill the gap.

I wanted my kids to know there is "No Such Thing As Normal." I wanted to show a variety of people; different hair, skin, disabilities, and backgrounds.

I wanted to use this avenue to represent the beauty in all, and give a resource to families and teachers who need help guiding children through questions.

Representing diversity and inclusion

Every child deserves to see himself or herself as the hero of the story. But they first must see themselves in the story. So I developed a simple story to represent diversity and inclusivity.

We must all do our part in representing the beautiful differences in our world. I believe representation matters, in all forms of media--books, tv, magazines, art, and social media. That way, everyone sees their story has a place.

The value of story-telling

There is value in story-telling because it brings understanding and heightened awareness where there may not have been any before. Debunking myths, misconceptions, and fear when it comes to people with disabilities is very important to me.

And showing my children that their lives are valuable, despite the fact that they carry different abilities and talents, was vital. My simple children’s book, "No Such Thing as Normal" was the tool I used to share this not only with my children but with the world.

So do not underestimate the power of what you have to share. The story within you is deep, and it is powerful. No one else can tell it as you do--only you have been in your shoes.

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