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Common Myths & Misconceptions You've Faced

What are some common myths & misconceptions you've faced living with SMA?

  1. A lot of people look at me and see my disability and wheelchair and assume I can’t speak for myself or that I can’t make decisions for myself. It’s frustrating being out to dinner as a almost thirty year old woman and the waiters all ask my parents what I would like to eat.

    1. I agree with you. I’m facing the same problem as well. Some people will think that people with SMA don’t have a normal IQ. They thought I didn’t go to school. One fact the public should know is that SMA doesn’t affect a person’s brain or ability to learn

    2. I’m sorry you go through it too! It’s definitely emotionally draining dealing with other peoples opinions and perceptions on your disability. I have faced the same type of situations, a lot, even at doctors offices and specialists! Which is nuts! We’ve just got to keep being ourselves though! Thats all we can do! - Jennifer Contributor

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