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Commode accessories

Since I have sma I cannot sit down and get up on any chair that is lower than 24 inches.

I have a query with respect to using public commode which are usually only 16 inches off the floor. I can sit down on it to relive myself but not be able to get up from it.

At the rented place where I stay in, I use something called "Toilet Seat Raiser" which I can fit over the toilet and increase the height of the commode. Since I stacked two "Toilet Seat Raiser" I have raised the height by 10 inches. That is to say that the toilet seat will be 24 inches off the floor for me to easily sit down on it and get up from it.

My question is this set up is difficult to lug around if I were to go on an aeroplane or to any other place like a hotel or even my office.

Is there any other easier mechanism which people are using to get the height increased without carrying around too much luggage?

  1. you could look for portable toilet seat raisers that are easy to take apart or fold up when you're on the go. They can be a bit more travel-friendly. Another idea is to bring along cushions, like inflatable or foam ones, that you can place on top of the regular toilet seat to give you the extra height you need.

    1. Would inflatables be sturdy when you sit on them? I though we might have a sensation that we might slip. I haven't see any inflatables raisers while searching on e-commerce sites so far.

      1. You know, your question about inflatable toilet seats is really making me wonder. I've never tried one, so I can't vouch for how sturdy they are. But now I'm kind of tempted to get one just to see what it's like. Has anyone else here given an inflatable toilet seat a shot? By the way, in the United States, you can find a bunch of options on Amazon. Not sure what's out there in Portugal, though.-Allie, Health Leader

    2. Going off of this, has anyone been able to find a portable commode? Traveling with nothing sucks. I use a bedpan and am wondering if there's a way to bring it with us but keep it clean? - Kellie, health leader

      1. Hey lovely! I know how difficult going to the restroom can be when out and about, especially needing a raiser to make it more accessible to you. Another option you might look into is something called a “lady urinal,” you can google them and it should bring them up. You might be able to bring that on a plane! It’s basically a bottle that you urinate into but it’s fit for a female. I use one when I have to give a urine sample at the doctors because I can’t get out of my chair. But you might be able to use this in connection to added a booster of some sort to the toilet. I hope this helps in some small way! - Jennifer, Health Leader

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