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How to get up from ground after falling?

Ever since I lost my ability to get up from the floor unassisted I am always really cautious while going outside and roaming about because if I fall down I cannot get up. I did some searching for tips on youtube and found that we can make something called as book wall and get up unassisted. So I made around 24 book shaped cuboids out of foam board each with about two inches in height, that I could progressively place under my butt and with each step, I could rise up slowly by about two inches and once I reach some comfortable height get up.

However, I fell down in my office once, and I had a tough time to get up. Is there something portable that is available to carry that would help people who have fallen down get back on their feet easily? I don't want to solution to make a gaping hole in the purse 😀 I have seen some solution that will help a person get off the floor and those things are partly portable but those costs upwards of USD 5K.

  1. If you're worried about getting up from the floor when you're out and about and on a budget, you've got a couple of options. First, you can go for walking sticks or canes. They're not just for walking – they can give you a hand (literally) when you're getting up from a seated position on the ground. They're super easy to carry around, and you can find them everywhere.

    Another idea is to go for a walker, you know, those devices that help with walking stability. Some of these walkers come with seats, and you can use them to get up from the floor. It's like having a portable chair when you need it.

    But here's the deal – before you choose between sticks, canes, or a walker, it's always a good call to chat with a healthcare pro or a physical therapist. They'll steer you in the right direction and make sure you're using whatever you pick safely. These options won't break the bank like those super pricey lifting gadgets, and they'll give you the helping hand you need when the floor becomes your temporary seat. -Allie, Health Leader

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